Let’s Give-up!

But with trade-offs.

Picture this: You embarked on a journey of self-improvement. You hit the gym religiously, distanced yourself from family and friends, turned your back on them even in their times of need, and channeled all your energy into chasing your dreams.

I ain’t saying that if you will get rich then you cannot take care of your friends and family.

But what happens when they’re no longer around?

You’re sitting on your farm, wealthy and at peace with yourself, yet you can’t face the very people you abandoned in their hour of need — the ones you’ve lost.

You might argue that you’ve achieved contentment.

You portrayed yourself as relentless and pseudo-stoic to serve your self-interest.

You’ve become the Batman, and survival is assured, right?

But survival or life?

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Maybe, A simple life with which you got a decent villa/apartment. You are with your family. They are taking care of you. You use to visit various places with your family and friends.

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Or maybe you followed a path filled with naivety, betrayal, and scars.

To heal, you make new friends but end up broken, both emotionally and financially.

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Now, I know this is gonna be controversial but why someone cannot give-up?

I am not talking about all this from a therapist’s perspective, who is obsessed over your damn happiness.

But I have seen a lot of people, who just don’t want to give-up upon:

  • People who are not meant to be with them. I ain’t saying whether they are right or wrong or who deserves whom, but it’s about Comfort — Compatibility — Compassion — and Contentment.
  • Career which got feeded in their childhood or maybe in adulthood. It can be Doctor, Engineer, CA, IIT-IIM-IMA-IAS or whatever is in trend.

I know you will have to do trade-offs and there are three things mainly:

  1. What you desire of?
  2. What you are good at?
  3. How much you are getting out of it?

Let’s discuss the first question!

Whatever you desired of,

Was that your own desire? or You got it from someone else?

You know what I am talking about right?

Now, you will say. No, but still I dreamed of being a Doctor or a Defense Person who looked at his/her family members, relatives, or any disgusting event of your childhood.

Dude, WTF?

Case 1.1: Anyways, Let’s suppose that you really had the desire of that thing?

But are you really good at it?

I know you may say that dude it doesn’t even matter.

But until you are not good at something there is very rare chance to get paid.

That’s why I asked about skills’ strength.

So, It does. Because That’s what I got.

It’s okay. But just re-think about it. You know it better than anyone else.

You just have to ask it thrice in a day(Do Overthinking :)

Case 1.2 Let’s Suppose that you do not have any desire and trying to find-out your purpose!

So, once when I got into NIT M.

Our sophomore seniors were doing beta-ragging(got this term from one of my junior when I was doing the same our seniors used to do with us), basically they used to ask us in the end, what we want to do with our lives?

Honestly speaking, a very few people got what they wanted. I dunno whether that was their:

  • Determination

or that was

  • Co-incidence

But it was in their fortune. And. Their Skills, Strategy and Execution.

Well! this content was not contentment. This content was meant to be for questioning instead but in a structured way.