Product Improvement Questions: Product-Hunt Case-Study

How would you improve Product Hunt?

Describe the Product — Product Hunt

The Product Hunt App is a mobile app that allows users to discover and discuss new products. It is available for both iOS and Android devices.

The app features a list of new products that are submitted by users each day.

Products are listed in a variety of categories, including technology, design, and business.

Users can browse the list of products, read reviews, and vote for their favorites.

Product-Hunt(Source: Play-Store)

The Product Hunt App also allows users to create and join communities around specific interests.

For example, there are communities for fans of certain types of products, such as productivity apps or indie games.

Users can join these communities to discuss new products, share tips, and get feedback on their own products.

In addition to discovering new products, the Product Hunt App also allows users to launch their own products.

Makers can submit their products to the app, and if they are approved, they will be listed for all users to see.

Makers can also use the app to promote their products and get feedback from users.

Here are some of the key features of the Product Hunt App:

Discover new products in a variety of categories, including technology, design, and business.

Read reviews and vote for your favorite products.
Create and join communities around specific interests.

Launch your own products and get feedback from users.

Overall, the Product Hunt App is a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest in tech and to discover new products that you might love.

User Segmentation

On the basis of their roles or purpose:

  1. Makers: People who create and launch products on Product Hunt.
  2. Hunters: People who discover and vote for new products on Product Hunt.
  3. Makers and Hunters: People who do both.

Business Objective

There are mainly 3 Goals or Business objective we can follow:

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  1. Engagement: We want to increase the amount of time users spend on Product Hunt and the number of interactions they have with the app
  2. Acquisition: We want to attract new users to Product Hunt and encourage them to sign up for an account.
  3. Revenue/Monetization

We will follow the Engagement & Acquisition Part here.

Problems faced by the Users

#1 Hunters


  • Newbies face problems in navigating all the features of the App(UX)
  • Newest and Featured filters are not easy to navigate for a new comer.(Homepage)
  • User cannot follow any page directly in Homepage-posts(Following accessibility)

Recommendation Systems:

  • Users mostly get random stories and product recommendations on the basis of their interests but it don’t consider behavioural activities of the user.

Motivation to Hunt:

  • No motivation for Daily-Product Hunt


  • Users make individual list of their products/stories.
  • Users cannot create their own communities.
  • Users cannot have one-2-one conversations.

# 2 Marketers/Founders

  • User can face problem while launching an app on Product-Hunt
  • Users cannot upload video in a Product Page

Solutions Proposed:

Here are some solutions to the problems you have identified for Product Hunt users:

#1 Hunters


  • Provide a more comprehensive onboarding process that introduces new users to all of the features of the app.
  • Improve the navigation of the homepage and make the Newest and Featured filters easier to find and use.
  • Allow users to follow pages directly from the homepage.

Recommendation Systems

  • Use machine learning to personalize product recommendations based on users’ past behavior and interests.
  • Allow users to filter recommendations by category, tag, or other criteria.

Motivation to Hunt

  • Create a points or leaderboard system to reward users for hunting new products.
  • Offer exclusive discounts or benefits to active users.
  • Partner with brands to give away prizes or swag to lucky hunters.


  • Allow users to create their own communities and groups around specific interests.
  • Allow users to have one-on-one conversations with each other through direct messaging.
  • Create a feature that allows users to collaborate on product reviews or to create their own product lists.

#2 Marketers/Founders

  • Improve the user experience of the launch process. This could involve providing more support documentation, streamlining the review process, or adding new features such as the ability to schedule a launch in advance.
  • Allow users to upload videos to product pages. This would allow founders to showcase their products in a more engaging way.

Prioritizing Solutions:

Prioritization of Solutions in Product-Hunt

As you can see, the features with the highest RICE scores are the ones that have the potential to reach a large number of users, have a high impact on their experience, and are relatively easy to implement. These features are:

  • Based on this RICE prioritization, I would recommend that Product Hunt focus on the following features:
  1. Onboarding process
  2. Navigation (homepage and filters)
  3. Personalized recommendations
  4. Community features

These features are all relatively easy to implement and have the potential to have a high impact on the user experience.

It is important to note that the RICE framework is just a guide. The specific features that Product Hunt should prioritize will depend on their specific goals and resources. However, I believe that the features listed above are a good starting point for improving the Product Hunt app.

I would recommend that Product Hunt focus on implementing these features first. The other features are also important, but they have a slightly lower RICE score because they reach a smaller number of users or are more difficult to implement.

It is important to note that the RICE scores are just a starting point. Product Hunt should also consider other factors, such as customer feedback and user research, when making decisions about which features to prioritize.

Metrics for Success of the Suggested Solutions

Here are some metrics that Product Hunt can track to measure the success of each product solution:

#1 Onboarding process

  • % of new users who complete the onboarding process
  • # of new users who create a profile within 24 hours of signing up
  • # of new users who vote for a product within 24 hours of signing up

#2 Navigation (homepage and filters)

  • Time spent on Homepage/User
  • Time spent on Homepage
  • Number of pages visited on the homepage
  • Number of filters used on the homepage

#3 Personalized recommendations

  • Click-through rate (CTR) on personalized recommendations
  • Conversion rate (CVR) from personalized recommendations to votes or signups
  • User satisfaction with personalized recommendations

#4 Community features

  • # of posts/ Customized community
  • # of reactions/Customized community
  • # of Customized communities
  • # of users/Customized community

Following pages from homepage

  • Percentage of users who follow a page from the homepage
  • Number of page views for pages followed from the homepage
  • Number of interactions (likes, comments, shares) on pages followed from the homepage

Motivation system

  • Number of points earned by users
  • Number of badges earned by users
  • User satisfaction with the motivation system

Collaboration features

  • Number of collaborative reviews created
  • Number of collaborative product lists created
  • User satisfaction with the collaboration features

Launch process

  • Number of products launched on Product Hunt
  • Number of votes received by launched products
  • User satisfaction with the launch process

Video uploads

  • Number of videos uploaded
  • Average watch time for videos
  • User satisfaction with the video uploading feature

Product Hunt can also track other metrics, such as overall user engagement and retention, to measure the overall success of their product solutions.

By tracking these metrics, Product Hunt can identify which features are most effective and make necessary adjustments to improve the user experience.