Technologies for Product Managers: SQL, TechStacks, System-Design, Cloud and Machine Learning

Why to learn? What to learn? How to learn?

Why Tools & Technologies for Product Managers?

Product Managers deal with cross-functional team-members(Design, Development & Testing, Deployment, Analytics, Marketing, Sales and Customer Support teams).

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Product managers need to understand these cross-functional team-members in-order to avoid inefficient products and deviations.

Otherwise, they won’t be able to get success for the respective business-objective they are working upon.

And for this they need to learn basics of tools and technologies of PDLC(Product Development Life-Cycle).

Tech 101 for PMs to communicating engineers, analyzing metrics and looking at feasibility of solutions

There are various tech-skills for a product manager such as(Not Mandatory but good if you know):

  1. SQL/RDBMS: A PM should know at least about SQL vs NoSQL Databases, ER Diagrams, SQL queries including knowledge of JOINS, CASES, UNIONS and WILDCARDS. Also, check-out“SQL For Product Managers”.
  2. System Design: A Product Manager should know how to design a SAAS product in-terms High Level Design in-order to have seamless communication between engineering team and feasibility of solutions.
  3. TechStacks: It gives an edge to technical product managers to understand how the SAAS products are working whether there is an APP or a Website including frontend, backend and databases(you can also consider APIs and SDKs).
  4. Machine Learning: ChatGPT or Google Bard have brought a revolution to the several industries and there are various industries in which Machine Learning or Deep Learning or Artificial Intelligence is used such as Automobiles(Tesla, Mercedes, Tata), FinTech(J P Morgan, AML softwares and other fintech apps) Social Media Platforms(Meta, IG, Snapchat, Twitter or and other tech giants etc.
  5. Cloud 101: It’s really important to understand importance and use-cases of Cloud Technologies and it’s providers such as AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud etc.

How to learn technologies for Product Managers for free?

  1. Technology for Product Managers: You can access the Hello-PM’s Youtube Playlist if you are a beginner.
  2. System Design(For Geeks only): For this I would say two sources will be more than enough for you: Gaurav Sen & Exponent series of System Design Interview Prep Youtube Playlist.
  3. Machine Learning for Product Managers: For ML and AI for an aspiring PM I would love to suggest this playlist from Product School: AI, Machine Learning and Chatbots for Product Managers by Product School and a Machine Learning blog series by EduShots.
  4. SQL for Product Managers: For this you will have to learn basics of it but if you want to practise SQL queries, HackerRank can be a great platform for you. Again, it’s for pro-learners only so if you are someone who wants to learn the basics of SQL then is a good platform to start.


Note: For Agile methodologies you can go start looking for softwares or tools such as JIRA and ASANA. They cover all-of-the functions and techniques such as drafting User Stories(Figma-jamboard & Figma can be used for drafting user journey), Product Roadmapping, SCRUM & KANBAN methods and others.

You can learn: System-Design, Blockchain, Machine Learning and SQL for Product Management here:

If you want to study frequently asked PM Interview Questions then click on this -> link.