Estimate Total Youtube Videos in 2023: PM Estimation Interview Question


Estimation for Product Managers


The numbers can get varied or maybe inaccurate. Just take this blog as in approach instead of looking at facts or data. Enjoy the blog!

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But this time, we are going to estimate total number of Youtube Videos 🤩 in 2023.

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Estimation questions are often ask by the interviewers to check the Critical Thinking ability of the candidate.

So, if you are among them then stick to the blog.

Without any delay let’s get started!


Clarifying Questions:

  1. We are considering content produced by both the iOS and Android content. Right?
  2. Till when we have to calculate?
  3. There are a few ways to do this: a) on the basis of content produced/minute b)on the basis of content creators and average videos by them
  4. Is there any restriction in-terms of geography or all over the globe?
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  1. Considering each kind of user
  2. Till this year 2023
  3. You can go with the # of content creators
  4. No, you can consider the whole globe here.

Simple Math

Let’s breakdown the problem into a simple math:

total # of videos on YT = total # of content creators * Average # of videos by per content creator

total # of videos on YT = # of content creators * # of videos by per creator

Now, in-order to calculate total # of content creators,

I am assuming that

  1. There are total 2.7 B active users of Youtube
  2. Top 1% of them are content creators(celebs-businesses-hustlers) and Rest of them mostly consume the content

total # content creators = 2700 Million Users * 1/100 = 27 Million

Now, let’s divide these content creators on the videos of videos they have produced on their Youtube Channels

  1. Very Aggressive creators(10%): 150 Videos/Content Creator
  2. Aggressive Creators(15%): 125 Videos/Content Creator
  3. Very Active Creators(25%): 100 Videos/Content Creator
  4. Active Creators(25%): 75 Videos/Content Creator
  5. Less Active Creators(15%): 50 Videos/Content Creators
  6. Calm Creators(10%): 25 Videos/Content Creators

Total videos:

(150*10%+125*15%+100*25%+75*25%+50*15%+25*10%)*27 Million

= 6010 M Videos ~ 6 Billion Videos

So, on the basis of our assumptions, approach and math there are 6 Billion Videos on Youtube globally.

Now, I know that it might be incorrect factually. 🤔

But why do we learn estimation for Product Management or Management Consulting?

So that we would be able to estimate:

  1. Capacity of a system
  2. Market Size and future demand of the clients/users/consumers/employees
  3. Demand and Supply differences

I am keeping this short-simple.

If you have to give any feedback feel free to drop your comments.


Have a nice day! 😁